Our story

I am Yva. A mom of 2 beautiful children; Noa and Beau and a very proud owner of 2 beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Together we want to share our story with you.

It all began 7 years ago. I was studying for my Master of Veterinary Sciences. I've always been surrounded by dogs. In my childhood we grew up with the Berner Sennen. Very sweet dogs! But...

During my study I've saw the Ridgeback for the first time. I fell in love with this breed, head over heels!

I started reading about it, talked with different breeders and a couple of owners, and was learning more and more every day about this amazing dogs. After two years of research and 15 books further I was determined; this would become my new life goal!


I bought my first Ridgeback in 2015 with all my savings during university. We named her 'Zyra'. She was our new babygirl. Our proud! The years that followed has been with ups and downs. As well with Zyra, as well in my personal life. I discovered how it really is to have a ridgeback in your life. And I can confirm that all the things you read about this breed is completely true! They really are a soulmate for life! Nowadays, I can't imagine a day without my Rhodesian Ridgeback(s) by my side. 


In 2019 I decided to start my breeding adventure. I came in contact with a very experienced lady and she helped me with this amazing journey. My first litter gave us our Aboe; a very beautiful, sweet but also a little bit insecure guy. My second proud! I wouldn't miss him for the world!


I want to breed dogs in the best way that is possible (as far as my opinion is concerned), with the best care and all the love I have to give. I will assist all my puppies and their new owners through their entire life if necessary. I will help them to enjoy this breed and life together the way I do and I won't settle for less!

Welcome in our little Rhodesian Ridgeback family!